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Generally cost ranges from $40 upwards however,

Cost may vary based on:

  • Size of package
  • Pickup point / delivery point
  • Item being shipped
  • Click here to get a quote or send a message via whatsapp - 1-868-749-8232 or 1-868- 280-0527
  • Yes we deliver to Tobago.
  • Delivery usually takes 4 working days after collection.
  • Delivery cost starts at $50 and varies based on package size and location.
  • Countryside / far areas in Tobago are usually covered during the weekend.
  • Yes Right Away can collect payments on your behalf.
  • Customers have the option to pay by cash or card.
  • As we gradually move to limit C.O.D collections, clients can utilize our easy pay link
  • Please note however: Off route/ far areas are drop off ONLY packages are allowed.
  • Yes we do, however all charges will be passed on to the sender / merchant.
  • If for some reason the recipient only has a credit card, it will be accepted and the charges passed on to the sender / merchant.
  • Easy pay is a secure payment link provided by First Citizens Bank.
  • Easy pay allows customers to easily make a payment without any hassle.
  • Easy pay works with the new chip card or any card that has the words "visa" on it
  • A debit or credit card can be used with easy pay.
  • Lower rate
  • Nationwide delivery at one flat rate including Tobago
  • Email notifications on delivery
  • Weekly sales reports


Bundle plan purchase starts at 5 deliveries upwards
  • Transfers are done to your bank account on a Monday or Tuesday of the following week after the delivery is made. 
  • We can facilitate delivery of documents to your customers, business partners and other office locations.
  • Delivery cost for documents  may vary based on different factors.  WhatsApp - 749-8232 for a quotation 
  • Other fees may apply based on pickup / delivery location or additional connected requests (sign and return of documents etc).
  • At present, we do not deliver on Sundays and public holidays.
  • During peak times we may have drivers assigned on those days to ensure all deliveries go out in a timely manner.
  • 24 - 48 hrs for Regular / frequently visited areas from after packages are collected 
  • 4 - 5 working days for Off route / further areas.
  • 4 - 5 working days for Tobago as well., after package/s are collected.
  • Yes we always call your customers before going to their location, but ONLY on the day the agent is scheduled to go to the area.
  • If there is no response we do not go to the location.
  • Yes we do
  • However we only facilitate deliveries to far areas that do not require payment upon delivery. (Drop off only) packages.
  • The sender pays for sending a package.
  • Any cancelled items would be returned to the pickup location.
  • After pickup, if the item is cancelled before arriving at the recipients location there will be no additional charge to return the item.
  • If the item is cancelled after arriving at the recipients location then there will be a charge to return the item to the sender. 
  • Cancel the order.
  • Package will be returned (this may have a cost attached) 
  • Place a new request / order for the new delivery. 
  • Message or whats app - 7498232 to cancel orders
  • At this time we do not facilitate delivery of the special items listed above. 
  • If packages are handed over of this nature for delivery, RACSLtd does not take liability for any broken, damage or lost items.
  • Right Away will store your items at our warehouse 
  • You update your orders on our platform.
  • We pick, pack, label and deliver your items to your customers.
  • Packaging is available at an additional cost.
  • One time setup fee of $300
  • Storage fee of $600 per month (for an alotted space)
  • Provide an inventory list with item details and quantities to be handed over.
  • Information will be uploaded into the system within 7 working days
  • After making your initial payment, you may begin taking orders
  • Pick, pack and delivery would be at $45
  • The delivery fee is only deducted after the customer pays.
  • Customers can expect a call  anytime within 24 to 48 hours for regular areas and 2 to 4 days for far areas including Tobago.
  •  Your customer can also send a WhatsApp message to  749-8232 to track their package or get an update. 
  • Customers are not required to stay at home and wait for their package.  
  • An agent will call on the day carded for delivery before going to the location given and make arrangements with the customer.
  • Unfortunately we have stopped both of these practices.
  • However we do transfers directly to your bank account the following Monday or Tuesday after the delivery was completed.
Customers are called and provided with the above mentioned update only on the day the delivery is scheduled.  
  • The package would be kept at our warehouse location up to seven days. 
  • If the customer request a longer period, the package will be returned to the sender at the cost of a return delivery.
The delivery will be re-attempted when next an agent is in the area, providing that the customer is available to receive on that day. 

Change in location can only be facilitated if the customer moves to another area within the agents zone.  

If customer is within another zone,  the delivery will be reattempted when next the agent is in the area.

The sender can update the system with the new number, but the package would only be reattempted when the next the agent is in the area. 

Mailers can be purchased at any of our Hubspot locations.  One or multiple mailers can be purchased.

If purchasing a bundle of mailers, it would be delivered when the agent is scheduled to collect a package/s.

Prices vary depending on the mailer size.

Our delivery plans are valid for 30 days after your first delivery.  We ask clients to choose a plan that aligns with the average deliveries per month to avoid losing unused delivery credits.  e.g.  If your average delivery per month is 30 deliveries, we advise customers to purchase the Bronze or Mini Plan.  

If all the credits/deliveries are utilized before the end of 30 days, the new cycle starts when we collect and deliver the first package on the new plan.

From the 1st July, 2022, only packages that are placed in RACMailers will be scheduled for delivery. 

The agent fails the job on the system. The sender should look out for the update, make contact with the customer and update the system with the new number, and notify our office.  If the agent is still in the area the customer will be contacted for delivery.  However, if the agent already left the area, the agent would reattempted the delivery when next he/she is in the area. 

We have agents located within different areas of Trinidad which enables us to deliver packages to most regular areas EVERYDAY!

With a monthly payment from as low as $200, your deliveries can cost from only $36 within Trinidad and $46 to Tobago. 

Delivery fees are deducted on a weekly basis before making the transfer to your account.

The Flexi Plan allows you the opportunity to make additional income on delivery.

For example: A customer would like delivery to  Cedros - we charge you based on the plan you selected - $35/$37/$39 while you can be flexible to increase the price. 

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