RACS - Updates, additions and changes from 1st September 2022

We wish to advise of some new additions, changes and updated rates to the service from 1st September 2022.


Please see the details below

  • Businesses currently paying $40 - $45 per delivery / credit will now be paying $50 (these are on monthly plans)
  • Businesses currently paying $50 - $60 per delivery / credit will now be paying $65 (these are one off users)
  • Fulfillment clients - please make contact to confirm your rate as of 1st September 2022

This increase has become necessary to continue serving you in an efficient way.

Going forward clients can expect
- faster more efficient delivery,
- detailed listing of all successful deliveries within the 7day period
- Credit countdown to encourage timely payments of new plans / cycle
- Midweek remittance payments and alerts
- Structured collection time windows
- Faster delivery to remote areas - drop off only packages (no cod / linx)
- More frequent shipments to Tobago

Additionally - please be reminded that

  • Same-Day and Next day service is no longer available for all bill payments which include NIB, BIR and Legal Affairs.
  • Any request for Same-Day or Next Day Service Right Away Courier Service Ltd will not take any responsibility for payments not made due to any unforeseen issue/s that may occur with our agents, nor take responsibility for any penalty incurred because of same.
  • From 1st September 2022, deliveries will continue Monday to Friday only and no longer on Saturday, Sunday or Public Holidays.


We thank you for your continued support as we work on innovative and creative ways to improve the service and assist with your business growth.

Best Regards
Team Right Away