RAC Agent - Job Description

Scope of work

  • The successful agent would be required to maintain a clean and neat appearance along with their vehicle (inside and outside).
  • Agents would facilitate the pickup and delivery of packages within a specific area / zone between the hours of 7am - 2pm, Monday to Friday. Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday times will vary. 
  • Agents can work part-time, on various days or full time. 
  • Packages will be small to medium sized and may contain clothing, accessories, electronics, and miscellaneous personal items. 
  •  Some pickups / deliveries may require the agent to collect payments. 
  • Agents will receive job details via the app and should make contact with the sender / recipient to coordinate pickup / delivery within the aforementioned time.

Payments and average earnings 

  • Agents would be paid X amount for each pickup and Y amount for each delivery. 
  • Average earnings per day would vary based on the number of jobs completed. 
  • Average jobs to be completed (3-5 per hour).

Things to note

  • Agents would be responsible for their fuel and phone plan.
  • Agent dues of $100 weekly (salary deduction) or $300 monthly (advance payment) would be required.

  • Minimum deposit can be $1000 before starting.
  • The deposit works as a security measure since agents would be required to collect payments. 
  • The deposit will be returned in full if/when the work duration comes to an end. 
  • Certificate of character application can be done online.


RAC Agent - Benefits

New drivers will experience the following benefits: 

  1. An opportunity to meet new people and places. 
  1. Make additional income!
  1. No limit on how much you can make per day. 
  1. Work on the road and not in an office.
  1. Work with a team.
  1. Work anywhere or within a specific zone.
  1. Fortnightly payments.


RAC Agent - Driver Requirements

Drivers must have:

  1. A Smartphone - able to download 2 applications.
  1. Your own vehicle - clean appearance (in and out).
  1. Bond / Deposit before commencing ($1000 - $3000).
  1. Ability to work under pressure in a fast paced environment.
  1. Excellent customer service skills. 
  1. An open mind to learning and opportunities. 
  1. An active First Citizens Account (will be an asset).
  1.  Knowledge of the terrain (will be an asset). 
  1. Knowledge of the workflow (will be an asset). 

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