Merchant Benefits


New merchants will experience the following benefits:

  1. Free sign up!
  2. 10% discount for all first time merchants.
  3. Personal website link leading directly to your products.
  4. Enhanced Automation - Email notifications when orders are confirmed and delivered.
  5. Merchant dashboard to view and track sales.
  6. Collective and featured advertising.
  7. Convenient pickup locations for your customers.
  8. Customers can now track their package.
  9. Multiple payment options for customers - COD, Debit & Linx cards, Visa Debit / Credit Card.
  10. Admin Support.
  11.  Your customer can “chat with us” 24/7 on the platform for assistance.
  12.  Inventory tracker.
  13.  Merchant can upload pictures or we can.
  14.  Social media page creation - OPTIONAL at an additional cost
  15.  Ad creation - Audio & Visual - OPTIONAL at an additional cost