For President and Country by Gershwin Quintyne (Trinbagonian)

For President and Country by Gershwin Quintyne (Trinbagonian)

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SUMMARY BELOW (back of the book)

Trinidad and Tobago was once a peaceful place, but its tranquility has become polluted by violent crime. Gang activity and firearm related malfeasance, seems to be out of control.

A constitutional amendment has allowed the twin island Nation’s President to activate a new protocol entitled the SIB, the State Investigative Bureau. Within the SIB exists a top-secret troubleshooter who walks between the raindrops and exists in shadow.

He has 
carte blanche, and has been trained to perform the highest levels of counter-intelligence. His orders are to spy, neutralize and/or terminate enemies of the state. He does whatever is needed for President and Country.
His name is Jarrod Gallard. He is Agent CORB-1.

Set in Trinidad and Tobago, For President and Country is a story of espionage, intrigue, action/ adventure with a beautiful romantic subplot. It examines the pawns, as well as the financial puppet masters, who lubricate the engine of criminal activity.