Flexi Plan Terms & Conditions

NB. Extended/offroute delivery - COD options are NOT available on these plans. Drop off only and credit card payment link options available. 6% payment collection fee apples to all credit card payments.

How the service works:

We collect packages

We deliver within 3 days to regular route and 5 days to offroute after pickup.

We call your customer on the day the delivery is scheduled to be delivered

Cancelled packages will be returned upon the next scheduled collection providing it is within 5 to 7 days at no additional cost.

Returns older than 7 days can either be delivered to your door at a delivery cost of $35 or left at one of our hubspot locations for your collection. Cost is $20

We do not deliver fragile and high valued items. If items of this nature are still sent with an agent, the sender accepts full responsibility for any items broken or damaged from pickup to delivery.