HUbspot Partner details

HUbspot Partner details

What is a HUbspot Partner?

  • HUbspot Partners are extensions of Right Away Courier Service locations.
  • HUbspot partners facilitate walk-in customers in their area that wish to send a package within Trinidad & Tobago. 
  • HUbspots can be used as pick up points for customers.
  • HUbspot Partners are integral in the equation of logistics.

Benefits of becoming a HUbspot Partner

  • An additional stream of income. 
  • A new service to offer your current customers
  • An additional service to capture new customers
  • A wider audience awareness for your brand.
  • Cross advertising via HUbspot Partner promotions.
  • More foot traffic into your business 
  • Potentially increase sales for your main products or services offered.

HUbspot Partner Requirements

HUbspot Partners must have:

  1. An easily accessible location for customers to come into
  2. Clean, safe storage area
  3. A very organized CSR, with great customer handling skills
  4. The ability to multitask and function in a potentially fast paced environment with customers.

Payments, Earnings and pay cycle.

  • HUbspot partners can attract income in the following ways
    • Sender brings in packages - Commission per package
    • Recipient comes to collect a package - Commission per package
    • Customer makes a downpayment for a product.
  • Average earnings per month would vary based on the number of transactions.
  • Payments to the HUbspot partner would be on a scheduled basis.

Things to note

  • Right Away will provide
    • Signage (in and outside)
    • Customer guide for display
    • A linx machine to facilitate payments.
    • Ongoing support and guidance to operate efficiently 

  • HUbspot partners must not accept the following:
    • Fragile items
    • High valued items - Laptops etc
    • Perishable / Food items
    • Any type of plants or succulents
    • Oversized & Bulky items
  • Upon registering the HUbspot partner will be provided with a 15 minute training on how to properly receive packages and linx payments.

Go to and Register as … Hubspot Partner.


OR call 280-0542 for more details