Sales Agent

Sales Agent - Job Description

Scope of work

  • The successful agent would be required to make contact with potential clients and share how the service works and the benefits. 
  • Sales agents can engage potential clients via social media, phone call or in person.
  • Agents can work part-time, on various days or full time. 
  • Ongoing support and training will be given.
  •  It is not compulsory to meet with potential clients. 
  • Agents will not be required to collect payments from the client.

Payments and average earnings 

  • Sales Agents would be paid 10% (the first time) and 5% (ongoing) each time a new client signs up and starts to use the service.
  • Average earnings would vary based on the number of clients.
  • Agents would be paid within seven days after the client makes their payment. 


Things to note

  • Sales Agents are responsible for their resources (internet, fuel, phone etc)
  • There is no flat salary, compensation is based on commission only for confirmed sales which will be paid seven days after the client makes their payment.
  • Sales Agent will receive an incentive for exceeding their previous week's quota.
  • The sales team will receive an incentive for exceeding the previous week's quota.
  • If a client demands a refund within the seven days no payment will be made to the agent
  • If a client demands a refund after seven days the commission will be deducted from the agents next payment.


RAC Agent - Benefits

New Sales Agents will experience the following benefits: 

  1. An opportunity to interact with new people. 
  1. Make additional income!
  1. No limit on how much you can make per month. 
  1. Work on your own days and time.
  1. Work with a team & opportunity to lead.
  1. Work anywhere or within a specific zone.
  1. Income at varying times each month.


Sales Agent Requirements

Agent must have:

  1. A Smartphone to communicate via whats app.
  1. The ability to maintain proper records.
  1. Excellent communication skills.
  1. An open mind to learning and opportunities. 
  1. An active First Citizens Account (will be an asset).
  1.  Knowledge of the courier service industry (will be an asset). 
  1. Experience with sales / selling (will be an asset).

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